SMART-Tech Auto Flush Smart Bidet Toilet By EMPOLO

SMART-Tech EAT09 Auto Flush Smart Bidet Toilet By EMPOLO



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Noble Vitreous China

Noble Vitreous China brings you a series of top-notch products created to reset standards while defining style with their unique Design and impeccable quality.
Facilitating Comfort & Well being

Noble Vitreous China is designed to create comfort for its users from the seat height ,bowl shape ,flushing system to germs repellent glazes ,the Noble Vitreous China features them all.

Dazzling White
A Dazzling White & Stain Free Surface is one of the main characteristic within the Noble Vitreous China Collection . The whole featuring a long lasting antibacterial glaze .
Harmoniously Matching

From wall mount to pedestal , under-mount or vessel the Noble Vitreous China Collection has a large selection combining functional features.

Commercial Selection Urinals
The Noble Vitreous China Collection of Urinal ,either wall mounted or installed permanently on the floor remains convenient and functional . Popular Choice for guest bathrooms in private homes .

SMART TECH Toilet & Bidet

EMPOLO SMART Tech Toilets & Bidets combine elegance, innovation, and functionality to elevate your bathroom experience to new heights.
Personalized Cleansing
Enjoy a spa-like experience with customizable cleansing options such as posterior wash, feminine wash, and oscillating wash. Adjust water temperature, pressure, and nozzle position to suit your preferences for a refreshing and hygienic cleanse.
Heated Seat
Experience ultimate comfort with a heated seat that can be adjusted to your desired temperature. No more cold shocks during winter mornings or late-night bathroom visits.
Warm Air Dryer
Say goodbye to toilet paper with the built-in warm air dryer that gently dries you after cleansing. Adjust the temperature and airflow for a comfortable and eco-friendly drying experience.
Self-Cleaning Technology
Maintain optimal hygiene with self-cleaning nozzles that rinse themselves before and after each use. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your toilet and bidet are always clean and sanitized.
EM-SMART-TECH toilets and bidets by EMPOLO represent a blend of advanced technology, modern design, and enhanced functionality for bathroom spaces.


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