Mondrian Standard Single Lever Basin Mixer By Aref Fourati

Mondorian 15 1101C Standard Single Lever Basin Mixer By Aref Fourati



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EMPOLO has revitalized the iconic MONDRIAN Concept under the guidance of Designer Aref Fourati, reintroducing universal pictorial abstraction through a range of vanities, shower enclosures, bath fillers, showers, faucets, and accessories.
The Mondrian pictorial abstraction Collection by EMPOLO offers a comprehensive range of vanities, cabinets, showers, bathtubs, faucets, and accessories, each showcasing the iconic Mondrian concept with geometric precision and vibrant color accents.
The Mondrian Basin Mixers
The Mondrian basin mixers embodies the iconic Mondrian concept with its lines and accents, reminiscent of the renowned artist’s style. This faucet combines artistic flair with functional elegance, adding a touch of modern artistry to any bathroom space.
The Mondrian Showers & Bath Fillers
The Mondrian showers and bath fillers by EMPOLO features minimalist designs and vibrant primary colors, drawing inspiration from the iconic Mondrian concept. These fixtures blend artistic sophistication with functionality, creating a visually striking and modern statement in any bathroom setting.
The Mondrian Vanities
The Mondrian vanities by EMPOLO are a fusion of artistic inspiration and functional design, featuring geometric shapes and primary color accents reminiscent of Mondrian’s iconic style. These vanities add a bold and modern touch to bathrooms, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality.
Behind the Scenes with Designer Aref Fourati
Explore the backstage with Designer Aref Fourati as he delves into the inspiration fueling the collection’s design and the artful fusion of historical intricacies with a contemporary outlook.


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