EM-Tank Toilet Bidet Concealed Cistern with Dual Flush System Push Plate By EMPOLO

EM-Tank ECC901 Toilet Bidet Concealed Cistern with Dual Flush System Push Plate



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Noble Vitreous China

Noble Vitreous China brings you a series of top-notch products created to reset standards while defining style with their unique Design and impeccable quality.
Facilitating Comfort & Well being

Noble Vitreous China is designed to create comfort for its users from the seat height ,bowl shape ,flushing system to germs repellent glazes ,the Noble Vitreous China features them all.

Dazzling White
A Dazzling White & Stain Free Surface is one of the main characteristic within the Noble Vitreous China Collection . The whole featuring a long lasting antibacterial glaze .
Harmoniously Matching

From wall mount to pedestal , under-mount or vessel the Noble Vitreous China Collection has a large selection combining functional features.

Commercial Selection Urinals
The Noble Vitreous China Collection of Urinal ,either wall mounted or installed permanently on the floor remains convenient and functional . Popular Choice for guest bathrooms in private homes .

EM-TANK Flushing System

A revolutionary solution for efficient and high-performance toilet flushing.
Modern Design
EM-TANK features a sleek and modern design that complements a variety of bathroom styles and aesthetics. The streamlined appearance and compact profile of the flushing system add a touch of sophistication to the toilet area, enhancing the overall look of the bathroom.
Water Efficiency
Designed to optimize water usage, enhance flushing power, and minimize maintenance, the EM-TANK system offers a superior flushing experience that combines innovation, sustainability, and reliability.
Powerful Flushing Performance
Despite its water-saving capabilities, the EM-TANK system delivers powerful and effective flushing performance to ensure thorough waste removal with every flush. The optimized flushing mechanism and design contribute to a cleaner and more hygienic toilet bowl.
Dual-Flush Technology
.EM-TANK incorporates dual-flush technology, allowing users to choose between a full flush and a partial flush based on the waste volume. This water-saving feature helps reduce water consumption and promotes eco-friendly practices without compromising flushing efficiency.
EM-TANK Wall Concealed cistern and flushing system by EMPOLO is a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the needs of modern toilets.


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